How to Cope with Exams?

Exams often entail a core element of grading the progress of a student in school or college. For this reason, students look up to excelling in their exams from the moment they set their foot in a classroom. However, plenty of students hate exams owing to the stress and anxiety such a process carries along. It stems from the fear of a potential failure in case everything goes wrong. So how can you maneuver your way around this? How can you cope with your exams?

Tips on the Best Ways to Cope with Exams

If you have a test coming up, or you already have yourself seated in the exam room, try and incorporate the following guidelines to ensure you handle your exams like a pro and end up excelling.

  • Try and prepare a personalized revision timetable. It will allow you to revise sufficiently. However, spare some time and do other things like exercise and socializing with friends.
  • Revise. It often proves essential to revise as it compliments your understanding of the classroom. So try and attend revision lessons. Further, do not shy away from asking questions whenever you cannot understand a concept or a point.
  • Take care of yourself. Try and always keep a balanced and healthy diet to become energized for the mental excursion you have to face. Remember, water plays a key role in the functioning of your brain.  
  • Get everything you need and pack your backpack on a penultimate night before your test. It will ensure that you do not miss anything central to you writing your exams efficiently.
  • Rest properly at night before taking your exams. It always proves imperative to get yourself sufficient sleep on the eve of your exams. Additionally, you have to eat a hearty breakfast to get the energy needed to tackle the day and the exams. One key way to achieve this entails getting Wileyplus answers online and having a special social breakfast while at school as you revise with friends or classmates.
  • Go to school early to avoid getting late. It will help you prepare for the exam by getting to the exam room on time, besides allowing you ample time to locate your sitting position.
  • Before embarking on the exam, it becomes crucial to savor a moment and settle yourself. To focus, try and breathe in heavily in composing yourself before you begin writing.


Whenever you cannot get to school early enough, it becomes essential to contact your school and inform them about coming to the exam late. You can then report immediately you arrive in school and explain to them that you have to enter the exam room. At this point, you will likely get escorted by an invigilator. Check the sitting arrangement and identify a spot where you can sit and take the exam. Further, you have to make sure that your phone either proves silent or switched off before handing it over to your invigilator.

Students often get provided with essential equipment such as calculators, math equipment, etc., when they get to an exam room. However, in certain instances, the invigilators can allow you to bring along your own. Further, you can carry along a clear water bottle with water for hydration purposes.  

Another critical requirement in the exam room often sees students place their personal belongings together, mainly where the invigilator tells them.

After doing all these, you will have to pay attention to what the instructions say, and this includes both the exam regulations and the paper’s instruction. Avoid talking or trying to talk with peers as this may see you get disqualified.  Additionally, when you need some help, try and raise your hand to let the invigilator approach you.  Further, avoid leaving the exam session without express permission to do so. Once allowed to leave the room, head directly to your next class or exam to avoid getting afoul of the exam regulations. In any case where you need clarifications on problems faced, always face your teachers, examination officer, invigilator, or curricula leader.

It also becomes crucial to note that you cannot get into an exam room with electronic devices such as smartphones, iPods, MP4 or MP3 players, etc., in the exam. All you have to do entails trusting the invigilator to store them for you until completing your exam.


Exams can become fun and simple once you understand what you have to do and prepare for it.

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